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Info on Uniforms and Equipment

For our 2024 season, uniforms can be purchased at Soccer Pro in Fair Oaks for our U6-U19 players.

Soccer Pro now has our uniforms in stock. You can head over there to pick up your jersey and any other gear you need.

Soccer Pro asked us to let all parents know that they do not do custom numbers on the jerseys. This means you cannot choose your player’s jersey number.

The U6-U19 uniform is a set of Blue Jerseys, Blue Shorts, & Yellow socks. The shorts and socks can be purchased at Soccer Pro or any store.

Soccer Pro is located at 11726 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA, 95628

In addition to jerseys, ALL players will need the following:

Blue Shorts: Blue shorts are available at Soccer Pro but can be purchased at any store.

Shin guards:  For the Littles, shin guards that are inserted into a sleeve are adequate. For U10 and above, DCYSC encourages players to use more substantial shin guards to reduce the potential for injury.

Socks:  Soccer socks are commonly referred to as “OVER THE CALF” and extend up to just below the player’s knee. The sock must cover the shin guard. Shin guards are not allowed to be exposed during practice or game play.

Some goal keepers wear socks that extend above the knee. The extra length is useful to protect against scrapes during game play. Some defenders also choose to wear such socks.

Balls:  Each player must purchase his/her own soccer ball to bring to practice and for practicing at home.  The ball does not have to cost a fortune, a ball can be purchased starting at around $8 to $10. Your Coach and Club will have balls available for game play.

Soccer Ball Sizes

  • U6 & U8 = size 3
  • U10 & U12 = size 4
  • U14 & above = size 5