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Three Bridges Soccer Group

The Three Bridges Soccer Group (TBSG) is composed of Capital Community Athletics (CCA), Capital Valley Futbol Club (CVFC), Del Campo Youth Soccer Club (DCYSC), Fair Oaks Soccer Club (FOSC), Folsom Lake Surf (FLS), and Rancho Cordova Soccer Club (RCSC).

The TBSG jointly developed the playing rules and rules and regulations, and these rules apply to game play during the fall season.

Soccer Playing Rules:

Soccer playing rules and regulations are provided for your review and understanding. Rules vary by age group. TBSG affiliate club coaches are expected to read and understand the rules applicable to game play.

Coaches are encouraged to keep a copy of the TBSG rules with them during games.

NOTE:  References to U14 in the TBSG U10/U12 playing rules and regulations are not applicable to U14 game play.

Three Bridges Soccer Group- U10-U12


Three Bridges Soccer 2023 U10-U12 Playing Rules – 2023 August

NorCal Premier- U14 and Up

NorCal Super Rec US Club