How do I let you know my soccer team preferences for my child?

On the Member form, there is a line that asks for your requests. You may list your requests for coach or team or a friend or group of friends. We will do our best to meet your requests. Other than players who want to return to their previous team and who register at one of the walk-in registration events, requests will be processed in a first come-first served order.

I don’t know any of the coaches or players in this club, how will you decide where to place my child?

Without any other requests on the player’s Member form, we try to put players with other players who go to the same school and who are the same age.

Why do you need a picture of my child?

The pictures go on the back of the player card, which the referee reviews before each game. Without a clear photo of the player’s face, the referee will be unable to allow your child to play in the game. The focus on detail may vary from referee to referee. We recommend that you provide a clear photo of your child’s face, without any hats or sunglasses that might make it hard to see what they look like.

Why does the picture need to be 1″ x 1″?

The pictures go on the back of the player card where the Capital Valley Youth Soccer League Registrar may also assign her stamp. Keeping the photo to a 1″ x 1″ size makes sure that there is enough room for everything on the back of the card.

My child’s photo is larger than 1″ x 1″. If I cut it down to the correct size, some of their head will be missing. What should I do?

Please keep all parts of their head in the picture! If you can’t find a photo that fits their head (but not much else) into a 1″ x 1″ square, please give us the closest you can get to that goal. If what you submitted just won’t fit on the player card, we’ll work with you to get a picture that will fit.

Why do I need to bring a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

The children play in age groups and for many reasons we need to make sure that the children are the appropriate age for their division, especially that they are not older than the other players. To confirm this for the California Youth Soccer Association, we must have a copy of a government-issued document that verifies your child’s date of birth. This can be a county- or state-issued birth certificate, a passport, legal documents that include date of birth and child’s name, or other government identification.

Why can’t I use the hospital birth certificate to prove my child’s age?

The hospital birth certification is not a legal document and would be easy to falsify. Proof of age must be a legal document.

How are teams put together?

The first players assigned are those who want to return to the previous year’s team and who submitted their registration at one of the walk-in registration events. Once those players are back on their teams, we assign teams based upon the requests listed on the membership form and the information provided at registration. These players are assigned on a first to come to registration, first to be placed on a team basis.

Registrations received in the mail will be processed in the order that they are received, after all of the in-person registrations have been assigned to a team.

Oh no, I missed all of the walk-in registration events. Is it too late to register for this year?

Not at all. Del Campo Youth Soccer Club accepts registration after the last walk-in registration event. Go to the Register tab on our website and follow the registration instructions to make sure that you submit all the necessary paperwork.

Oh no, I missed all of the walk-in registration events. My child really wants to be on the same team as last year?

We do our best to accommodate returning player requests to play on the same team as the previous year as long as the coach is returning. While we try to get your returning player back onto the team, there are no guarantees if you are registering late.

Are there any rules about contacting players for the upcoming season?

We think it’s great for the teams to stay together over several years. Please remember that since this is recreational soccer, if you are going to contact one player from last year’s team, you must contact all the players.